Pure N Easy Hot Tub Solution FAQs

Q1. What are some of the differences between Pure N Easy Mineral treatment for hot tubs vs chemical treatment systems for hot tubs?

Answer. First and foremost is the fact that sitting in and or breathing toxic chemicals are not good for you or your spa.  Pure N Easy is life nourishing to you and will not harm your spa.

Second, toxic chemical systems can be corrosive to the metal, plastic, rubber, acrylic and chrome surfaces of your spa. They can build scale deposits in the plumbing lines, heating element and upon all spa parts and surfaces. The chemicals can also ruin your clothes.  Pure N Easy is natural and will not harm you, your clothes or your spa. Pure N Easy eliminates the chance of deposits in your plumbing lines and prevents chemical build up.  Thus, making your spa heat more efficient and improves durability, saving you money and maximizing your long-term spa investment.

Third, Chemical systems cost more and are time consuming.  They disrupt the ph balance making it unstable and create a lot of unnecessary work for you. IE. Spa manufacturers recommend in their spa owner’s manual that you check your ph at least once a day.  Why?  Because chemicals such as bromine eats the metals, causing you to add additional products to protect the heater, pump, jets, etc, from accelerated break down of these components.  This causes a chain reaction of additional products like shocking with chlorine and oxidizer shock to clear up the water. This creates a need for the next product, clarifier that causes foaming, which causes a need for a de-foamer.  Bromine combined with the standard ozone system built in your spa creating bromate, which is a carcinogen. Chlorine is a very powerful chemical even more so than bromine. Chlorine off gases vapors and combined with other chemical substances in the water, create new compounds, which are listed as suspect cancer causing compounds. Some municipal drinking water plants are replacing chlorine with ozone purification systems to purify our water.

  • Pure N Easy will not disrupt your PH balance. It will not harm you or your spa.
  • Pure N Easy marriages well with ozone. They team up to accomplish the same goal, CLEAN, PURE, WATER. ODOR FREE.
  • Pure N Easy works well by itself naturally with an occasional spoon of non-chlorine shock (potassium sulfate) to turbo boost the natural oxidation of the water.

Q2. If hot tub chemicals are so bad for my spa, and me why do hot tub dealers sell them?

Answer. The dealer is in business to make money. Regular purchasing of multiple products pays the lease of the store. Keeps you visiting the store regularly. Also, if your tub fails and needs parts, heaters, pumps, and service, …… built in profit.  Even buying a new spa sooner than necessary keeps the dealer in business.  Over the years you get to know them and when you want a fireplace, billiards table, barbeque, or patio furniture you will go to them because you know them.
Pure N Easy is sold only online at this time because it is in competition with the above statements. Pure N Easy purifies without the need for others chemical systems.

Q3. How does Pure N Easy purify the water?

Answer. Pure N Easy purifies water in a four-part process: 1. Flocculation: When added to water, Pure N Easy causes dissolved, invisible impurities to come out of suspension. 2. Coagulation: Next, the impurities are neutralized as they clump together and become insoluble. 3. Precipitation: Once coagulated, the insoluble, neutralized impurities solidify as they precipitate out of solution. 4. Deposition: The precipitates settle and are deposited as sediment in your spa filter.